Self Help UK Re-Brand

Self Help UK is a unique organisation which helps create, support and promote self help groups. Self help groups are people who come together to offer and receive support. They usually centre round a community of interest (for example diabetes or bereavement) and can cover a variety of issues including long-term medical conditions, recovery from substance misuse, difficult life situations, mental health issues and disabilities.

After working with Self Help UK on a few projects I was asked to do their re-brand for them. They didn't want to go too far away from what their existing logo/identity but felt it needed something to help give a clearer more cohesive identity, bring everything up to date and freshen it up. I designed a logo of which elements of could be used as an identity system across all Self Help UK's marketing collateral. The elements were designed in a way so that some future work could be created internally along with a set of supplied templates. I also created a brand guideline document to help keep constancy throughout.

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